ROADIE is THE FIRST ON-the-way delivery network - connecting people with something to send to neighbors already going that way.  I spent my summer with Roadie as a UX Design Intern.


For the summer during my Master's program, I worked as a UX Designer at Roadie - an early-stage startup in Atlanta.  Working at Roadie gave me first-hand experience designing in an agile environment on a live app in the App Store.  I worked with a handful of incredible designers - Brian Harper, Witt Langstaff, and Mary-Frances Jones - on a small team with a lot of responsibility.  When the summer ended, I extended my internship into the Fall semester.  The focus of the Fall has been on a complete communications audit and overhaul that is targetted at improving the core user experience of Roadie.  

I initially heard about Roadie through a panel for my Master's program.  The Head of Product spoke to our program about what design looks like in a startup.  Afterwards, she stayed afterward to talk to students and I asked if I could stop by to get a taste of design at Roadie.  That Fall I stopped by the Roadie office every couple of weeks to sit in on design critiques and presentations to the rest of the company.  A couple of months later, they offered me a spot to join the team for a summer.  Since then, I've been working at Roadie progressing rapidly with my design skills/knowledge under the mentorship of the lead UX Designer, Justin Ratcliffe.  It's been a wild ride.      



ROLE UX Designer

IMPACT COMPleted major overhaul of all APP communications & PROJECT X





ROADIE is the first on-the-way delivery network.